Sunday, 23 June 2013

Bath& Body Works Foam Hand Soap

You know I use to be the type of person that never really cared about what kind of hand wash was lying next to my sink, just so long as it did the trick it was good enough for me, that changed when I found these beautiful, addictive babies.
Bath&BodyWorks 'Anti-bacterial gentle foaming hand soaps' prove to be the loveliest things that I have personally come across! I never thought washing my hands could  be so much fun?!
Once pumped, these let out a wonderful blob of foam that smells intense and delicious, whilst being extremely clean and hygienic at the same time. "Aloha Orchid" was the first one that I had tried, and it was beyond amazing. These hand washes are very long lasting too, it took me almost 4 months to have that bottle near empty.
Considering I have never before been so stunned and wowed by a hand wash, I thought i must definitely let you all know about these magic bottles of hygiene and glory so that you too can be as amazed as I am.

Ever been so stunned by product before? Tell me more in the comments section below!

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