Thursday, 18 July 2013


On my lovely trip to England, when shopping, I've been on the constant search for staple and statement pieces that I can use over and over again but in many different ways too!
Don't you just love those particular pieces in your wardrobe that whenever you wear, they make you feel that extra bit special?
Those special pieces don't necessarily have to be expensive! This wonderful flawy skirt is from Forever21!
I love this shade of blue, its not too bright and will work well all year round!
I chose to pair it with a simple black vest top, but you could go all out, what colors would you go for?
On my eyes, I worked with a little blue to let the color pop a tad bit more!
Hope you all have a wonderful day!

Saturday, 13 July 2013

A shopaholic in the Sun!

The weather here has become nice and sunny so I thought i'd put on a dress/shirt and get my shop on!
I missed my England! 
I've worked with shades of Green due to the green stripe on my shoe and the shade of khaki in my dress shirt!
I've had this dress for over 3 or 4 months and never actually had the chance to wear it! Today seemed like the perfect opportunity!
I found my sunglasses to concur the sun! 
Dress Shirt: BCBG
Shoes: Gucci
Bag: Prada
Watch: Omega
Sunglasses: Ferragamo

Friday, 12 July 2013

A Comfortable Airport Outfit!

It’s Summer time, and traveling somehow seems likes a must at this time of the year, so I thought it would be a great idea to share an outfit with you that I think is ideal for the airport!
When travelling, an outfit must hold many qualities in order to be travel friendly!

Your outfit has to be comfortable should be airy too, here I’ve worn a jumper-cardigan which has a zip so that I can open it if need be, but it would also keep me warm in the flight! This was an amazing find for me in a mass-producing store! It has a very Chanel-esque feel to it and I love how elegant the piece looks; all thanks to the back detailing on this cream beauty.

Additionally, the outfit has to let you be flexible in the flight, if you’re wearing a denim or a pant that makes it hard for you to sit for a long time, or is perhaps too tight or too loose, discomfort will only make the flight seem longer!
These jeggings ensure flexibility when in the flight, however you can always carry pajamas or a change of clothes with you in your handbag; change before the flight takes off too!

When traveling, try and opt for materials that allow you to move freely, this doesn’t necessarily mean you wont look as good!
What would you wear to the airport?
Do send me pictures or write to me below?

Top – Marks & Spencers
Pixie Pants – J Crew
Tank top – H&M
Handbag – Prada
Shoes – Chanel
Earrings – Chanel
Watch Omega
Ring – Tiffany’s

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

What's in my handbag? Airport Edition*

Hello everyone! Travelling anytime soon? Unsure of what you need to carry with you on your flight? Do you always carry too much? Or maybe you forget some essentials?
Below I’m going to list out all the items I take along with me when traveling, and I hope it helps and inspires you in deciding on the items that you should take along with you!

Ticket details
Pen & Notebook
Reading book
Keys - Suitcases & Home
Chewing gum/Mint
Cosmetics pouch
Glasses – sunnies + reading
Mini remover/cotton/buds
Hand Sanitizer
Hairbands + bobbi pins
Refreshing spray
Eye cream
What do you keep in your handbag when flying out somewhere internationally?

Monday, 8 July 2013

My very first BB Cream!

There’s been a lot of raving on about BB Creams on many blog’s recently. Honestly, I didn’t actually know what they were at first, and had to do a bit of research.
Two weeks ago, on my visit to the local Drugstore I came across a BB Cream by Garnier at the reasonable price of $3.00! However, in the USA it is available for $11.00! I suppose this version of the BB Cream may be produced here, definitely a plus for me!
First impressions –
The texture of this product is very creamy and smooth and goes on the skin as a moisturizer would. It has quite a dewy finish, and can be mattified with the help of a powder!

·      This BB cream comes in squeeze tube; it is a handy size and contains 40g of product, 10g more than a foundation would usually consist of.
·      The texture of the BB Cream is smooth and creamy; feels nice on the skin.
·      Quite long lasting
·      Dewy finish
·      Dermatologically tested! (Always a plus!)
·      SPF24

CON’S -  
·      Although I applied this with my hands, I had to apply a lot of product to get the finish that I was looking for. I required double the foundation I usually use to be satisfied!
·      Not very concealing in terms of blemishes.
·      Not build-able
This BB cream was my first! I like this product for an every day purpose. For example; if I’m going for a movie, running out to the local market or even sitting at work all day etc. (An office job like mine!)
I would say that it’s a lovely product to slap on instead of walking out with a naked face! However, I do not think I could wear this for purposeful occasions! I guess I’m a Foundation kinda girl! I have a few blemishes on my face, and I don’t think this helps cover those at all; I still need to add concealer to make my skin look and feel better!

Overall, I would rate this product a 6/10.

I definitely think I need to try more BB Cream’s in order to create a love for them!
Would you try this BB Cream, or do you recommend a different one for me?

Sunday, 7 July 2013

The Meangirl's knew their Classics!

So I’m sure we all remember that scene in the famous movie ‘The Meangirls’, where Janis Ian cuts holes into Regina George’s t-shirt as part of revenge, and this quickly becomes a viral trend amongst all the schoolgirls?
If not then please see this link!
This movie was a super duper move! It released in 2004, and soon became my favorite movie to watch day in and day out! This was my everyday, after school routine, and I can probably remember each and every line from this movie till date!
However, did you know that this amazing sabotage was actually inspired by a Famous designer named Helmut Lang who made his first shy appearance in a show in Paris in 1997, and eventually became a huge hit?
Honestly, when I first came across this feature in the book ‘Fashion’ by Charlottle Seeling, I was shocked and ecstatic both! It really makes you think as to how much effort goes into every scene and outfit of every movie!
Also, knowing that a measly school prank could really be a fashion trend allows me to believe that I can make anything fashionable if I put my heart to it. There are no rules; there are no boundaries, and one must really believe in a design for it to be a trend! In fact, when Hemult Lang came out with this collection, people were astonished at how so much style could come from the simplicity in his designs.

The meangirl’s may have been inspired by Lang; but they went on to inspire Jermey Scott in the Fall of 2011. He created a collection that reminded him of things he would recognize as a kid in 90’s!  
Here, Cher Horowits from Clueless inspired the jumper, and the holes in the jumper were inspired by the Meangirls movie.
Although the simplicity that the designs were initially known for had been completely wiped away in this collection, the trend remains. This now shows how a style or design can transform with time.
What did you think of this transformation? Me, personally – I loved how the classic design was so simple; the 2011 jazzy version wouldn’t be for me!

Saturday, 6 July 2013

What's on My Face? #1

So welcome to my First Ever “What’s on my Face?” post!
I’m honestly not sure how to pose for one of these kinds of photos, so I’ve ended up looking like quite a bum!
Any advice on how to take a purposeful, yet pretty picture? ;)
So for this Look I wanted to go for a simple yet bold look; you’ll begin to notice a pattern with me, I love making an every day look seem bold at the same time; without making it too over the top.
Big eyes and attention seeking lips, lets get started!
I started by blending in my Bobbi Brown Foundation with SPF15 in Warm Natural into the Skin with my duo fibre face brush; I love using this foundation to achieve a nice glow, and also because it helps my makeup last all day. Following this, I apply my Bobbi Brown creamy concealer in Warm Natural under my eyes, and on any blemishes on my face. I do this with my ring finger as I feel the concealer blends in much better with my finger than if I was to use a brush for precision. This has to be the best Concealer invented, I believe its even been won the TEMPTALIA readers choice awards! Usually, I would dab on powder to control the glow, but today I’m a shiny girl in a shiny world! (Cheesy much!)
I filled my brows with my Bobbi Brown Brow kit in Saddle/Mahogany, and I use my Bobbi Brown Brow brow brush for this, the two colors allow me to create perfect brows, and these can be made more and more intense with the more color I add.
The bronzer I’ve used is by Maxfactor in the shade 01, and is the most beautiful bronzer I have ever come across on the highstreet! I’d seen a friend wearing it and had her write down the name for me – I did not regret my nosey behavior at all! Sometimes I use this all over my cheeks but today, I’ve used it just to contour my cheeks with my contouring brush that I found in IMATS NY in April!
My Blusher is Apricot by Bobbi Borwn, and is a lovely, bright cheek color! I’ve used my Models Own Powder brush to spread this, this allowed to me to control the amount of product on my face too! This is a stunning color and the intensity is buildable from subtle to bright!
I’m done with my face base now! Simple, quick an easy!
For my eyes, I’ve used the Bobbi Brown black gel liner with my Bobbi Browneye liner brush for precision! This again is long lasting and very pigmented. Liner takes me the longest when doing my makeup, if it wasn’t for the eyeliner, my makeup would be complete with in a maximum of 10-12 minutes! I’ve made my liner thick and added a slight cat-eye at the ends! This is my most favorite liner look as it is bold and simple at the same time.
I then used a cotton bud to clean up my tear duct and the lower eye.
For mascara, I have used my MAC Opulash Mascara that I got in one of the seasonal collections. This is a good mascara, and it gives a bold look for an everyday face.
On my lips I have the Maybeline Super Stay 14 hour lip color in Eternal Rose, but have put it on very lightly as it is an intense and dark shade. A very buildable product and again very long lasting!
The aim of my makeup here was to be very long lasting, as my plan of action for the day is a long and winded one! Do you recommend any other products that would keep my makeup on for longer? What did you think?