Saturday, 29 June 2013

RIP Christian Louboutin Heels

What a hectic few days! Sorry for the delay in blogging, let me begin with a bit of an update…

I’m actually not in town! I’ve come for a mini holiday with my family and relatives to a hilly and beautiful area known as Shimla! So evidently sitting and blogging is a very tough task when surrounded by family and friends, so here I am in the car preparing a few posts that I would like to share with you over the next few days! (Yes it’s time to get organized!)

Will have some trip photos up for you as soon as I can! For now, heres some horrid news (lets focus on the title of the blog now!)

Remember the beautiful Christian Louboutin’s I was wearing in my last outfit post? I was wearing them for a family lunch and they got caught in the grill of the escalator. I tried to pull them out but we were nearing the bottom of the escalators so I pulled my foot out and the heel jammed at the bottom, heel inside the moving stairs and shoe out. So I had the escalators stopped and reversed to that I could pull out my beloved shoe. It was a very, very sad moment for me, and as materialistic as that may sound, I just felt horrid for allowing this to happen to these shoes. I shouldn’t have stepped on the escalator with them on. I just felt so irresponsible that it’s hard to explain. Even though it wasn’t on purpose, it was mainly because the heel was so thin, but still.

 Now it’ll take 4 months to repair the heels, the leather has been slit on the heel and there are immense scratches too.

I honestly don’t want to put up a picture of the heel because it’s so heart breaking, but if anyone would like to see what the damage was I wouldn’t mind posting a photo of the shoes.
Look after them heels ladies, and say no to escalators with stick thin heels! Danger Alert!

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  1. Please can you share a pic of the damage???

    I will show mine if you show yours!!!