Friday, 21 June 2013

Mini Makeup Haul & Review.

So you know when you go to a mall with no intention of buying any makeup? In fact, you swear to yourself that there will be no way that you'll buy any makeup because you're done with buying more, and more, and already have way more than the norm?
Well, I made myself that promise... and successfully failed at keeping it.
On my visit to the mall a week ago, I picked up a few bits and pieces and thought I should tell you what I think of them; some are surprisingly wonderful, and others are unbelievably disappointing.
Lets begin with the Foundations. I'm not usually the type to buy many foundations and wear different ones everyday, but on having heard so much about these two, I thought why not?

1. Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation - Shade 54
I never actually understood why this was called the "healthy mix" foundation, but after having smelt it, I finally understand. This actually has the most horribly strong smell of vegetables that I have ever come across... as if i'm standing in a Vegetable Market, or even worse; as if I was the vegetable market itself! Honestly, that put me offcompletely.
However if you're the kind of person that wouldn't mind a foul smell, or in fact doesn't find the smell foul to begin with, then as a foundation it's actually quite long lasting. It stays on for a good 6-8 hours and gives a natural finish that isn't too Shiny or too Matte. So the choice is yours, smell or quality?

2. Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation - Shade 300 Natural Beige
OH MY GOD! What a foundation?! Why do people not rave on about this enough?
I really don't think i've heard enough good things about this product, especially considering this could just about be my new favorite foundation! This is extremely affordable and very nicely formulated; this product goes on the skin smoothly and leaves your face with a beautiful matte texture. This foundation lasts all day and leaves my face fresh through out, as if my makeup didn't even wear off, in fact as if I have been topping up my makeup every hour or so. Honestly, since i've bought this foundation, I have had this on every single day, and it really does look amazing!
If there is anything bad to say about this product, it's that maybe if it had a pump on it, it would be more efficient, but hey! ...that won't stop me!

3. Rimmel ScandalEyes Showoff Mascara 
Hmph. Where Rimell have done so well with their Foundation, they really let me down with their mascara. It's just your average mascara and does nothing scandalizing to my lashes what so ever! In fact, I wouldn't even say this was an everyday mascara for me; its probably a "wear-to-the-market-for- the-sake-of-wearing-a-mascara" kind of mascara. (YES... I OWN THOSE KIND OF MASCARAS TOO! AKA - THE REJECT PILE)

4. Rimmel Lipstick - 077 Asia
Okay, so for me, this was a win. I absolutely adore the creamy formulation of this Lipstick, and the color is just stunning! For me and my skin tone; I find that this color is PERFECT for an everyday office lip because it's not too pink, and isn't too nude either - it's just a really pretty in-between shade. It's really affordable and I definitely think I will continue to repurchase this.

5. Colorbar's Sunstone Nail Polish
I don't usually go crazy buying Nail Polishes, but this trip to the mall had some sort of a spell cast on me. This is a mango-orange shade that looks extremely pretty on the nails after 3 long coats. The formulation is extremely watery and requires a very steady hand when applying. The color doesn't remain shiny after a few hours of application, so definitely requires a top coat once dry. However, this is beautiful color for Spring/Summer and would look lovely with any outfit. Beautiful color Colorbar, but couldn't you make the formulation just a tad bit better?

6. Inglot's bright pink in 869
This beautiful color caught my eye the second I saw it, mainly because I didn't own a pink that was SO bright and eye catching - most of my pinks are light, and subtle. This only requires two coats, and in fact even one coat could do the job. The nails stay glossy for quite a while so they don't require a top coat either. It's again another beautiful spring/summer color for your nails but I'm sure I would try to make it work all year round. Will keep you updated on this stunning color!

7. Inglot's Grey in 974
This polish is a build-able color that allows you to achieve a nice charcoal grey by the third coat. The color would be good for autumn/winter but not so much for our current season.
Why I picked it up? Mmmm, not too sure? I already have 'Chinchilly' by Essie, and these two are extremely similar, but it was one of those 'spur-in-the-moment" buy's. TeeHee :P
A pretty pretty color all the same.

8. OPI's Green-wich Village 
This was the biggest impulse buy of the whole day that day. I don't wear such colors, I never have. Bright and unusual colors just don't work for me. But for some reason, these days.. i just keep experimenting. Experimenting with my nails, my eyes, my hair, my clothes and even my shoes. That just isn't me... but sometimes it can work for you... inspiration - it has a funny way of popping up out of no where!
So anyway, green - well its extremely bright for my skin tone, and on having applied it on my full hand, I really think this color will only work for me when used for Nail Art or on just the one nail (ring finger). Two coats is good enough for a strong color build, but to get a slightly darker, more leafy green shade you may apply 3 coats.

9. OPI's In my back pocket
When buying this bright Orange, the only thing that crossed my mind was that it was ideal for this season. It is a brighter version of Sunstone (Colorbar), and the two could work well together! It has a wonderful formulation and just two coats of this nail paint will be enough to form a good, solid color. OPI, you may just be my new favorite brand for nail polishes.

10. OPI's Gold Shatter
Last, but most definitely not the least, the famous cracking nail polishes had me. I already have a crack nail polish in black (topshop?), but when i saw this gold and tried it out on top of my Essie 'bikini so teeny' nails, I was just gobsmacked at how subtle yet wonderful the combination looked! How was it possible for a gold to be so graceful? This for me is an excellent nail polish, and definitely should be a staple for all you Diva's out there that just want a tad bit of bling to brighten up your look. It works like a gem.

So that was my long and winded review/haul of my little, sneaky, shopping trip! Congrats to all of you who made it to the end :P And for those of you scrolling down to the bottom and taking a quick peak at the images; my hands aren't really as dark as they seem! Its silly old lighting :P
Thank you ALL for your time, and do tell me if there are any products that you recommend for me to use, I would love to give them a try!

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