Monday, 17 June 2013

Today has been one of those crazy days where I have done everything in my reach to try and find the perfect things to say in my very first blog post for my very first blog. But it's just not easy. It's not easy to plan inspiration, and it definitely won't pop out at you when you want it to the most.
So what did I do? And what am I going to say?
Well, I went through dozens of blogs and read bits and pieces of a massive book on Fashion, and in the end I quite literally gave up; and I thought I'd leave my post to do tomorrow. But here I am, typing away, only to find that inspiration comes from within and around - both. I'm a believer, I believe that things just happen when they're suppose to, and I believe that till then I can be who I want to be. Fashion gives me that freedom. Today I'll be Katy Perry and tomorrow i'll be Princess Diana, but its all about the inspiration, the mood, the occasion, the company.
Here, I want to show you what inspires me and how it influences me. I want to show you how simple things can influence you in such dramatic yet in a minimal way. I know, Oxymoron much! But its true.
You might be in a horrid mood, but a neon pink blouse with simple white jeans could brighten up that day; it may not make your circumstances change but it most definitely will help you pick up your confidence and allow yourself to work with situations better. You can be who ever it is that you wanna be, and I want to be here to share my thoughts with you and to try and inspire you to do so!
...And its not just clothes that do it for me!
Ha! Yes! I'm one of those crazy Fashionaholics! (Even though we all know thats not even a word)
Makeup, Shoes, Hair, Fragrances, Candles, Music or even a Book or a Vase?! Anything that I find the slightest bit inspiring I want to bring it out in the e-world to you! You never know, something that helps me smile may just help you laugh.

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