Hello Everyone! Welcome to a new month! And lets say goodbye to half a year! Half a year!!! I cannot believe that we are already 6 months into the year! Before you know it, we’ll be in 2014! Wasn’t the world supposed to end like 6 months ago? :P
 Last month, there were a few products that I just couldn’t stop going back to. In fact, a few of these I bought at the beginning of this month, and they’re already midway or near their end! So lets get started on these favorites, and definitely let me know what you think of them!
Lets begin with Mac’s Chatterbox; before 2013 began, I never ever, EVER, wore bright colors on my lips. I just couldn’t pull it off! The most I could ever wear was a red, and that too consciously, and full of fear. On my wedding day (in march), my makeup artist refused to listen to me and forced some hot pinks onto my cheeks and lips telling me that I’d thank him later. Here I am thanking him; there’s been no hesitation to shop for bright colors ever since!
 This month with the sun out, I couldn’t help but pull out my chatterbox lips again and again and again! It’s the perfect color with nude makeup and is definitely the right amount of POP to my face on even a daily basis!
The second is Chanel’s Rouge Coco Shine in Pygmalion, it’s from the spring collection I believe, and it looks absolutely stunning on! It’s a cross between a scarlet red and hot pink; but it isn’t bright, it’s light and subtle and shiny all at the same time. Definitely worth the splurge.
Third on the list of favorites is the L’occitane’s moisturizing lip balm with 10% shea butter in it. Honestly, I use to hate this product. It had no smell, no taste and just wasn’t an attractive product. Recently, I found this in the bottom of my bag, and had super dry lips; left with no choice but to use it… and what do you know?! I’ve slowly fallen in love with it. It’s thick, and long lasting, and leaves my lips extremely smooth and soft!
Just goes to show; don’t judge a book by its cover! ;)
For Number Four; another lip product! The lip scrub in Bubblegum by Lushis quite a pleasant surprise! It’s actually a product that you can eat and get away with it, and boy is it yummy! This 2-minute scrub leave your lips feeling so soft and perfect that you’ll feel like your touching a baby’s bum!
*Also, FYI – pealing skin really shows under dark lip colors, so this scrub (or any lip scrub for that matter) is ideal to scrub on just before doing your makeup when you know that your gonna be applying a dark colour!
My 5th is a body wash that I didn’t even know I owned, and I’m sure a lot of you wont even know that it exists! The Lavender & Provencale Body Wash by Marks & Spencers is an amazingly creamy formula that lathers up slightly (the perfect amount) and allows you to pretend that that you’re in a spa! The smell is so refreshing; it’s definitely how you want to feel first thing in the morning and the last thing before you sleep!
 Benefit’s oil-free ‘remove it’ cleanser is absolutely wonderful. I ordered it off of ASOS at the beginning of the month and as you can see I’m nearly through with it and already ready to order my next one! It’s a generous sized bottle with 177ml of remover in it, and this leaves my face feeling moisturized. Before, I use to use making removing wipe, but my face would always be left dry and tight. Now, I’m a happier bunny! This may just be a new permanent in my collection!
 Number 7! The Model’s Own powder brush is another ASOS find. What an incredible and affordable brush this is! I don’t use this for compact but in fact for my blusher, and this spreads the perfect amount of color on my face and doesn’t leave the color in streaks on my face. Your blusher looks natural and perfect with this brush; as if you’re really blushing in this pretty summer heat!
Eighth on my list is Revelon’s Fuschia Pink! Bright pinks have been my colours this month and I evidentially cant get enough! This is a hot pink and it’s really close to being neon too. It’s a wonderful summery pink and is perfect! In fact, I’m half way through the bottle already! Yes I know, half a nail polish bottle in a month is pretty obsessive!
Number nine!
(We’re nearing the endddd!)
Bikini so Teeny by Essie says it all. I mean the name explains itself; it’s so pretty! It has this slight shimmer to it, but they’re not glitter particles either! It’s kind of like the glowing shimmer that a highlighter would give you, get it?
So all in all, this beautiful, bright blue is an insanely amazing color for this season and has been a favorite this month!
My grande finale would be the Pink Chiffon body lotion by Bath&BodyWorks!
This hand-sized bottle is the perfect size to throw in your bag or clutch and works likes a genie. Going clubbing? No time to cream up the legs? Throw it in your clutch and do it in the car! This body lotion smells divine and seeps into the skin very well; in fact have you smelt this? Its like fresh berries on your skin!
These were my June Favorites! Did you have any of the same or similar ones?
Take care guys!