Monday, 8 July 2013

My very first BB Cream!

There’s been a lot of raving on about BB Creams on many blog’s recently. Honestly, I didn’t actually know what they were at first, and had to do a bit of research.
Two weeks ago, on my visit to the local Drugstore I came across a BB Cream by Garnier at the reasonable price of $3.00! However, in the USA it is available for $11.00! I suppose this version of the BB Cream may be produced here, definitely a plus for me!
First impressions –
The texture of this product is very creamy and smooth and goes on the skin as a moisturizer would. It has quite a dewy finish, and can be mattified with the help of a powder!

·      This BB cream comes in squeeze tube; it is a handy size and contains 40g of product, 10g more than a foundation would usually consist of.
·      The texture of the BB Cream is smooth and creamy; feels nice on the skin.
·      Quite long lasting
·      Dewy finish
·      Dermatologically tested! (Always a plus!)
·      SPF24

CON’S -  
·      Although I applied this with my hands, I had to apply a lot of product to get the finish that I was looking for. I required double the foundation I usually use to be satisfied!
·      Not very concealing in terms of blemishes.
·      Not build-able
This BB cream was my first! I like this product for an every day purpose. For example; if I’m going for a movie, running out to the local market or even sitting at work all day etc. (An office job like mine!)
I would say that it’s a lovely product to slap on instead of walking out with a naked face! However, I do not think I could wear this for purposeful occasions! I guess I’m a Foundation kinda girl! I have a few blemishes on my face, and I don’t think this helps cover those at all; I still need to add concealer to make my skin look and feel better!

Overall, I would rate this product a 6/10.

I definitely think I need to try more BB Cream’s in order to create a love for them!
Would you try this BB Cream, or do you recommend a different one for me?

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