Friday, 12 July 2013

A Comfortable Airport Outfit!

It’s Summer time, and traveling somehow seems likes a must at this time of the year, so I thought it would be a great idea to share an outfit with you that I think is ideal for the airport!
When travelling, an outfit must hold many qualities in order to be travel friendly!

Your outfit has to be comfortable should be airy too, here I’ve worn a jumper-cardigan which has a zip so that I can open it if need be, but it would also keep me warm in the flight! This was an amazing find for me in a mass-producing store! It has a very Chanel-esque feel to it and I love how elegant the piece looks; all thanks to the back detailing on this cream beauty.

Additionally, the outfit has to let you be flexible in the flight, if you’re wearing a denim or a pant that makes it hard for you to sit for a long time, or is perhaps too tight or too loose, discomfort will only make the flight seem longer!
These jeggings ensure flexibility when in the flight, however you can always carry pajamas or a change of clothes with you in your handbag; change before the flight takes off too!

When traveling, try and opt for materials that allow you to move freely, this doesn’t necessarily mean you wont look as good!
What would you wear to the airport?
Do send me pictures or write to me below?

Top – Marks & Spencers
Pixie Pants – J Crew
Tank top – H&M
Handbag – Prada
Shoes – Chanel
Earrings – Chanel
Watch Omega
Ring – Tiffany’s

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