Sunday, 7 July 2013

The Meangirl's knew their Classics!

So I’m sure we all remember that scene in the famous movie ‘The Meangirls’, where Janis Ian cuts holes into Regina George’s t-shirt as part of revenge, and this quickly becomes a viral trend amongst all the schoolgirls?
If not then please see this link!
This movie was a super duper move! It released in 2004, and soon became my favorite movie to watch day in and day out! This was my everyday, after school routine, and I can probably remember each and every line from this movie till date!
However, did you know that this amazing sabotage was actually inspired by a Famous designer named Helmut Lang who made his first shy appearance in a show in Paris in 1997, and eventually became a huge hit?
Honestly, when I first came across this feature in the book ‘Fashion’ by Charlottle Seeling, I was shocked and ecstatic both! It really makes you think as to how much effort goes into every scene and outfit of every movie!
Also, knowing that a measly school prank could really be a fashion trend allows me to believe that I can make anything fashionable if I put my heart to it. There are no rules; there are no boundaries, and one must really believe in a design for it to be a trend! In fact, when Hemult Lang came out with this collection, people were astonished at how so much style could come from the simplicity in his designs.

The meangirl’s may have been inspired by Lang; but they went on to inspire Jermey Scott in the Fall of 2011. He created a collection that reminded him of things he would recognize as a kid in 90’s!  
Here, Cher Horowits from Clueless inspired the jumper, and the holes in the jumper were inspired by the Meangirls movie.
Although the simplicity that the designs were initially known for had been completely wiped away in this collection, the trend remains. This now shows how a style or design can transform with time.
What did you think of this transformation? Me, personally – I loved how the classic design was so simple; the 2011 jazzy version wouldn’t be for me!

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