Tuesday, 2 July 2013

My Travelling Makeup Pouch!

Hello Everyone! Hope you’re all having a great day!
Just thought I’d share with you the few things that I feel are the utmost essentials when I’m traveling; this may vary for you depending on the duration of your stay or the weather in the location that you’re visiting!
The listed items below are for a week long trip at the max for me :)
As you will probably notice, I like to make sure I have two options of certain products that can drastically change my look from subtle to dramatic. Carry such doubles also helps create different looks with this limited amount of makeup.
 For my Makeup to be durable is extremely important for me when compiling a makeup pouch for a trip! Usually I’m too busy to be able to keep doing my makeup over and over. or to keep touching up! 
I always begin my makeup with moisturizer, so I carry my Bobbi Brown Repair Moisturizing Balm with SPF25.
I do have mini sample sized containers of this moisturizer but I prefer to keep that in my handbag, and prefer to keep the original size in my makeup bag! 
I nearly always carry two foundations with me when travelling. One is for my day-to-day makeup, and the other is usually a little more dewy for any special events that may take place such as dinners out etc. Here, I’ve carried both the Rimmel Stay matte foundation in 300 Beige, with my Benefit Oxygen Wow Foundation in Beige! Both of these have proved to be brilliant for me, in fact this is my 2nd bottle of the Oxygen Wow Foundation!
For Powder, I love the Benefit Oxygen Wow powder in Beige; it obviously works brilliantly with the liquid foundation of the same name, but is all a beautiful match with my Rimmel Foundation too. 
I also carry two concealers; my Bobbi Brown creamy concealer in Warm Natural is very long lasting and gives great coverage, where as the Mac NC42 Select Moisture Cover Concealer is good to pop into my handbag to touch up on the go. Although I find that the Mac one isn’t very long lasting, it does the job when you need a quick conceal.
Over the past year, my brows have become extremely important for me to shade in on a daily basis. For this, I find that the Bobbi Brown brow kit in Saddle/Mahogany; this is an excellent product! I honestly have fallen in love the product and this is brilliant for travelling too, as it comes with both a mini brush and mini tweezers too!
My Nars blusher and bronzer duo is always in my handbag when I know that I may need to touch up; it's just so convenient! This is why I love 2 in 1 products. Orgasm is a beautiful shade with a slight shimmer to it and works amazingly for a dressy look, and the Laguna bronzer helps to achieve a nice chiseled look!
Also, I carry my Nyx Dusky Rose blusher as its slightly more appropriate for an everyday look, and I also carry my Bobbi Brown bronzer in Medium 2, as it is again more everyday appropriate.
As for my highlighter, I've packed my Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Bronze as its not too shimmery but gives the right amount of a glow to add to any and every look!
For my eyes, I carry my Urban Decay primer potion. This helps any eye makeup last a lot longer, eliminating the requirement of touchups! Always a plus on holidays! Who has time to keep touching up their face when busy exploring a new city!
 Also, I’ve carried 3 eye pencils; my Stilla convertible eye color in Stone, my Mac powerpoint eye pencil in Bordeaux line, my Mac technikolh liner in Graphblack and also my Nyx eye pencil in White. I can use these as both eyeliner as well as eye shadows too! Multi purpose products rock my socks when travelling! Additionally, these particular colors are perfect for both everyday looks as well as more dramatic looks. Wanna see a makeup look with any of these products, let me know?

I’ve bought two Mascara’s with me, my Lancome Hypnose is for my upper lashes and my Bobbi Brown xyz is for the lower lashes as the wand is a lot thinner and precise.
My urban decay all nighter spray is again to let my makeup last for as long as it could possibly last! And hence, is one of the most important products in the bag!
In my mac duo, I’ve inserted the two colours: Malt and Shadowy Lady, as they can help create a simple look and then can be built up to a smokey eye too. Also, because my Bobbi Brown brow duo has the two shades; Saddle and Mahogany, it means I really have four beautiful colors to work with ;) Yes, I'm clever like that!
    For eyeliner I carry my Bobbi Brown gel liner in black. Again this is very long lasting, and once on, nothing and no one can get this off unless you’re removing your makeup.
Speaking of remover, as it is a short stay, I've carried my little sample sized Bobbi Brown soothing cleansing oil. You require the bare minimum amount and it takes of your makeup very easily! I use cotton pads to do this!
For the lips; I like to make sure I carry 2 or 3 different colours so that theirs some variation in my face every time I do my makeup! Ha! (The common man really only just sees your lip and eye color!)
For  this trip I've taken the following with me:
Clinique's Super Balm Moisturizing Gloss in 08 Ginger
Chanel's Lip Gloss in the shade 164 (Ltd Edition)
Mac's Chatterbox
Mac's See Sheer
Rimmel's Colour Burst in Peach 75

That sums up the list of products i take with me when traveling for a week or less! Didn't think it was so many until I began to list  them out! You could always just carry singles of products if you know that you're not looking for different looks through out your trip! You could also carry sample sizes of most or all products to reduce make it all the more practical!
For my brushes, I carry my most important brushes in my Bobbi Brown Brush kit!
What do you think is the most essential item in your travel Makeup kit?

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