Thursday, 4 July 2013

Real Techniques Duo Fibre Collection - Limited Edition

The Real Techniques Duo Fibre brushes are the new limited edition release by the famous brush brand! Known for their high quality, Real Techniques are demanded world wide, and constantly raved about.
Honestly, I have not owned any Real Techniques brushes before these, but people constantly rave on about Real Techniques, so when I got my hands on these pretty brushes, I was as excited as a baby in a candy shop.
The excitement quickly turned into disappointment, let me explain how and why.
      1. Real Techniques Duo-Fiber Limited Edition Eye Brush for finishing touches to the eye – this is a small, pokey little brush that does nothing but hurt the eye. It’s bristles are spikey to the extent that I feel like cutting them down in the hope that they’ll hurt less?! This brush is not very good at concealing after having poked my eyes out, and all it does is leave patchy strokes of concealer under my eyes. Its really not helpful, in fact it’s quite harmful! This may be a pretty looking brush, but what a disappointment!
  1. Real Techniques Duo-Fiber Limited Edition Contour Brush for controlled contouring and sculpting – this is a weird brush. It’s definitely too big for contouring my cheeks, and definitely too small for blusher. It doesn’t spread very well either. I’m getting the feeling that this may work well with a cream blusher but so far with powder blushes; this is again a very useless brush.
    Honestly, at the moment I’m using this brush to apply concealer under my eyes! It really is quite small; but because it seems to work for concealer, I’m getting the feeling that cream blusher will spread well with this. It doesn’t do what it says its suppose to, but if you experiment, you’ll find your own personal purpose!
  2. Real Techniques Duo-Fiber Limited Edition Face Brush for lightweight application – this is the only brush in this trio that KIND OF does what is says it should. Having said that, it’s really nothing special? It’s an average brush and honestly speaking, many other brushes can do a better job than this did. It’s not even round, its an oval shape that spreads the face powder on. I presume the shape is probably due to the packaging that these brushes come in, forcing the brush to take the shape of its container.
All in all, I would say that these brushes aren’t worth the hype, in fact it follows the myth that most limited edition or seasonal products are not as good as your classic, all timer products! As far as I know; the Original Real Techniques brushes are much, much better! I can’t wait to get my hands on them!
Do you own any Real Techniques brushes, what are your opinions?

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