Friday, 5 July 2013

My MAC Eye Shadows

Hey Pretty People! Isn’t it just the most wonderful day today? It’s the kind of day where I want to take out all the color in draw and wear them all! Or even to paint a rainbow with them!
Speaking of colors... lets talk about Mac eye shadows! I’m not a hoarder when it comes to mac eye shadows, but I’m definitely a fan! Lets take a look shall we?
This is my One and only pallet and I sometimes take colors out this and depot them into my Mac duo pallet for travel purposes! You may have seen that in recent post!

Here’s a little information about these colors!

Best Combinations: Malt with Shadowy Lady && Espresso with Humid
Newest: Humid && Passionate
Oldest: Blackberry
My multi-purpose shadow: Vapour
Most used: Blackberry & Foile
Least used: Humid
Most Pigmented: Orange, Passionate, Espresso && Humid
Least Pigmented: Scene
My Favorite: Malt
Least Favorite: Radial Pink && Scene
Yet to get: Cranberry && Omega

Malt has to be my Favorite because when I spread it all over the lid, and add a dark color on the corners of my eyelids, it helps to give the most amazing smoky affect! This color is extremely blend-able! Also, this alone on my lid enhances the eye; it’s literally my natural eye lid color but this helps to let my eyes pop a little more; looking subtle and dramatic all at the same time!

Radial Pink and Scene are my least favorite because they do nothing! They’re ‘barely three’ kind of shades. ‘Scene’ just powders up on to the brush showing a lot of color, but barely shows on the eyelid, in fact it’s a really powdery product. ‘Radial Pink’ has similar qualities; it doesn’t show on the eyelid but packs up on the brush.

Vapour can be used to not only shimmer up the eyes slightly, but is also a great highlight for under to the brown or even on the cheek bones!

If I haven’t mentioned some of these colors in the list above then that’s mainly because they’re the ‘no complaints’ yet ‘not perfect’ bunch! If you’d like to know anything in particular about any of these colors, let me know in the comments below and I’ll do my best to get the answers to you!

Are there any Eye Shadows that you recommend?

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